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Spark big moments of human connection through one little link

Sharing your HelloBento link is the easiest way to let someone know a little bit about the real you. Now you can strike up great conversations from the very first time you meet. 

Create a snapshot of who you really are

It's super easy. You answer 6 quick questions to show who you are and what you're into. 

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Share your link when you meet someone new or want to strengthen an existing relationship

Every day is a new opportunity to spark a moment of human connection. 

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Joining a team

Give teammates an easy way to really get to know you.


Pop it in your email sig or team channel. 

Applying for a new job

Add a snapshot of your personality to stand out from the crowd.

Pop it in your resume & meeting invite. 

Going on a first date

Let HelloBento come up with the ice-breakers for you.

Pop it in your dating profile.


Show new contacts what you like to talk about and what you're working on.


Pop it in your LinkedIn profile or meeting invite. 

Building Community

Intro yourself to likeminded folk and encourage moments of connection.


Pop it in your community hub or channel.


It looks simple enough, but what do I actually have to do?

Simply answer 6 quick questions that you think will help people have a great conversation with you.


You can easily add images to your answers to personalise your bento even more. To make it really easy to choose an image we've integrated with Giphy but you can also upload your own image or select one of our backgrounds.


Then share your bento via your personalised link or QR code with whoever you're meeting.

Can I update my answers?

Anytime! Just log into your account and edit the question you want to change. There's over 100 questions to choose from specially designed to give you the opportunity to share glimpses into who you are and what you're interested in. None are mandatory and all will hopefully make it easier to strike up a conversation with a new person. 

Where should I share my HelloBento link?

We love to put links to our HelloBentos in our LinkedIn profiles, email signatures, Calendly invites and company directory. But you could pop it in your Instagram Link in Bio, your dating profile, meeting invites or in a Slack team channel. 

What's the QR code for?

The QR code makes it super easy to share your HelloBento with people you meet in real life who want to stay in touch. Simply flash your QR code to share your HelloBento and make networking that little bit more human. 

Is HelloBento free?

Yes! We've only just launched and aren't charging anyone to create a HelloBento. In the future we're thinking about introducing new features like having multiple bentos and the ability to personalise themes that we might charge for. 

Who made HelloBento?

Hi! We made HelloBento to help make meeting new people and strengthening relationships that little bit easier, more human and fun. You can check out our bentos here and here and please don't hesitate to reach out on if you have any questions or just want to say Hello!

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